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We are proud to present our line of fine nautical collector pieces. Ranging from finely detailed ship in bottle models to award and gift pieces that will be cherished and admired for years to come. Many of our products can be personalized with a brass nameplate identifying the significance of the event and its date. Whether you are shopping for a caring gift for someone special or for an award for a parting or retiring colleague you are visiting the right store. We have a proud record of working with and pleasing customers for almost 20 years.

Ships in Bottles is the premiere destination for all model ship enthusiasts, featuring one of the largest selections of model kits, accessories and hand-crafted scale ships in the U.S. Featured across numerous television and film sets, Ships in Bottles is internationally recognized for our unparalleled skill and detail, and is renowned by collectors and enthusiasts the world over.

Enrich yourself in the meticulous detail and delicate craftsmanship with recreated historic vessels, designed to scale by Jochen Binikowski, one of Europe’s most respected and revered specialists. These museum-quality models are created with painstaking detail and personalized to each order, individually constructed for an entirely unique item created to the same specifications employed by the shipbuilders of antiquity.

The Perfect Gift for anyone in the US Coast Guard Family

In association with the proud men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard Foundation, Ships in Bottles is proud to introduce our U.S. Coast Guard Eagle line of ship in bottle models and our new U.S. Coast Guard Ship in Bottle kit. These unique items are only available through Ships in Bottles, and make an ideal gift for our brave sailors.

Ship in a Bottle Kit For Sale - Flaschenschiff

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We Can Personalize

Most of our products can be personalized with an engraved brass name plate for gift giving, party favors, recognition awards or promotions. Custom model orders are also welcome!

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As Seen On TV

We are very proud that our models have featured in numerous motion pictures including Pirates of the Caribbean, television programs, and advertisements.

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Ship In Bottle Models

Ships in Bottles offer the largest selection of handcrafted, European designed ship in a bottle models in the USA. Our models have been used in numerous motion pictures, including Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean



Taking a new direction? Send a special colleague off with a gift to help guide them to success in their new venture.


Captain's Time and Tide Clock

A must for beach house or an executive office.


Ship In Bottle Kits

Want a challenge - try building a ship in bottle with one of our quality kits. Ship in bottle kits are great fun for the novice and experienced modeler. U.S. Coast Guard Eagle is our most popular kit


A personalized sailboat in a bottle makes a romantic gift. See our selection of nautical awards and gifts.

Also see our selection of nautical awards and gifts, including the new personalized ship model in shadow boxes.


We specialize in creating unique corporate and organization recognition awards.

We offer many truly unique awards for many occasions
ranging from retierments to sailing trophies.
All of our executive gifts can be personalized.

  • Alumni associations
  • Sales Conventions
  • Retirements
  • Wedding and Party Favors
  • Promotions, etc.

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Custom Built Yachts & Museum Quality Ship Models

Aye Aye Matey!

Don't miss seeing our pirate ship in bottle models!

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Gift wrapping with gift enclosures
available upon request